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LinkResearchTools - Linkanalyse mit Datenqualität für Profis!

Aktuelle Backlinkdaten mit jedem Bericht

Wenn Sie den Marktführer in der Linkanalyse suchen und gerne aktuelle und konsistente Linkdaten und SEO Metriken für Ihre Arbeit haben, dann sind Sie bei uns richtig!

LinkResearchTools hilft Ihnen bei dem:


  • Aufbau von hochwertigen Backlinks
  • Erkennen und Bereinigung von “schlechten” Links
  • SCHNELLEN Erholen von einer Google-Abstrafung
  • Überwachen Ihres Backlinkprofils
  • Durchführen einer hochwertigen SEO Konkurrenzanalyse
  • Bewerten von Linkchancen und Linkquellen und
  • Absichern Ihrer Online-Sichtbarkeit vor den Gefahren des „Negative SEO“.


backlink analysis

Backlink Analysis

Quick Backlinks Tool (QBL)

Analyze backlink profiles in seconds

Find the strongest links of a domain or page quick and easy.

Backlink Profiler (BLP)

Get the most in-depth backlink data available

You can now look at the most comprehensive backlink profile for your own and your competitors’ sites.

link recovery

Link Audit and Recovery

Link Detox (DTOX)

Recover and protect your site from Google penalties

Find the bad links that harm your site easily. Clean up your inbound link profile. Earn your rankings back. Protect from Google Penguin.

Link Detox Boost (BOOST)

Speed up your Google penalty recovery

Make Google take note of your disavow file faster and monitor when your disavowed links get crawled. Using Link Detox Boost, our clients recovered from a Google penalty in as little as three days.

Strongest Subpages Tool (SSPT)

Find the strongest pages of any website

See the strongest subpages and sub-folders of a domain and find the best place for your link.

Link Juice Recovery Tool (LJR)

Recover your website's lost link juice

Recover surprising amounts of link juice after a website relaunch or an expired domain purchase at the push of a button.

link monitoring

Backlink Monitoring

Link Alerts (LA)

Get an e-mail notification whenever you get new links

You can use this monitoring technique to follow your competitors as well.

Link Check Tool (LCT)

Check if your backlinks are still alive

Now you can keep track of the links you build.

competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA)

Do a little better than your competition and WIN!

Compare your competitors with your  website and learn how to outrank them. 

Competitive Link Velocity (CLV)

Get the most in-depth backlink data

You can now look at the most comprehensive backlink profile for your own and your competitors’ sites.

Quick Domain Compare (QDC)

Compare domains in seconds

Compare your site with your competition and find out in seconds who is doing best and why.

Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX)

Outrank your competition quickly

With Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX) you can understand link ratios and risk levels for your niche and find strong links that your competitors have.

Competitive Keyword Analyzer (CKA)

Identify promising keywords

Find out who is ranking well for the keywords in your niche and determine new SEO opportunities.

link quality checks

Quality Checks

Link Opportunities Review Tool (LORT)

Check potential new links fast

Good link or risky link? Find out FAST!

Bulk URL Analyzer (Juice Tool)

Analyze thousands of potential link sources

Import thousands of URLs and identify the strongest link potentials.

link prospecting

Link Prospecting

Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT)

Find your competitor's best link sources

Choose to build links the smart way!

Contact Finder (CF)

Find contact details easily, reach out and build relationships

Turn mentions into links and fix Google Penguin problems.

SERP Research Tool (SERP)

Find the best link building opportunities

Place backlinks on discussion boards, forums and other publishing platforms that are relevant in your niche.

Missing Links Tool (MLT)

Check out your competitor’s strongest common backlinks

Pick only the best ones and use the automatic outreach feature to get those great links for your website.

Link Juice Thief (LJT)

Get indirect links from your strongest competitors

Find out where your competitors link to, get links there, so your competitors will indirectly link to you.