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LJT - Link Juice Thief
Erhalten Sie eine Liste an Webseiten die gemeinsame Linkziele von STARKEN Seiten, wie z.B.:, sind. Vergleichen Sie, unterstützt durch eine riesiger Auswahl an SEO Metriken, jeden einzelnen Link!


Der Link Juice Thief (LJT) liefert Ihnen, anhand Ihrer Auswahl, eine Liste an potentiellen Linkzielen. Versuchen Sie einen Link auf jenen Seiten,die Ihre Konkurrenz als Linkziele nutzt, zu bekommen und Ihre Konkurrenz linkt indirekt zu Ihnen!

Hello, and welcome to the introduction of the Link Juice Thief of the LinkResearchTools. Link Juice Thief is the tool that helps you grab link juice from your competitors. So how does that work?
Let’s assume you’re into the space for cheap flights. So we want to look at the competitors for cheap flights in, in English. And we’ll just look at the first 10 results. As you can see, we got 10 results here. And we will find out where these websites like, are actually linking to.
The project can be set and you can select which parameters that we use to evaluate the links. So you can look here at Yahoo Backlinks, the SiteType, MozRank, the CEMPER Juice Indicator. Of course the obvious Google Factors might be of interest. And what’s quite interesting all the time is the authority of the pages that are actually being linked to. So all we have to do is give this a nice name, let’s call this cheap flights, and run a report.
Well, and after a couple minutes, actually a couple seconds, we’ve got our resource. For a total of 11 URLs, we looked at 17 metrics that we’ll go into detail a bit later, and we can look at the link profile by metrics of the pages that are actually being linked to. So we look at, where are your competitors linking to, and suggest to you where you should get a link from. Because that would mean that the competitors are indirectly linking to you.
So let’s look at these gems. We got a lot of, well, pages in the travel space, entertainment space, some legal, some business economies, and others. And as you can see, a lot of those pages are actually heavily voted on Facebook. They got a lot of likes because they’re popular. And they got a ton of free tweets, quite often, by site type. These are quite a lot of general sites that are commonly linked to. Not so many blogs. That’s not so nice here, but let’s look at some details later. ACrank is pretty strong, having its median in the seven and eights here, which is quite typical. And also the page rank is very, very high on those pages. So let’s see if we can find something of more interest. You see, the authoritative pages that we got here really make up the best links you could get.
So again, we looked at what these web sites that did rank for cheap flights link up to. And try to find those pages where we can get a link from. And as you can see, we got all these different domains that are being linked to, from the number one, the number two, the number three, which is in this example, OK?
That’s 387 total entries. And you don’t want to look through all of them, because obviously– well if you can get a link at the, give me a call– but usually that’s not so easy. So I would recommend first do a little bit of filtering. And what works quite often is look at subjects that you do not expect.
For instance, a theme that we had here was entertainment. Hmm, travel and entertainment kind of goes together in some situations. So let’s look at this. We see that these pages are being linked to by at least three or two of the top ranking sites.
So looking through these, I see that mardigrasneworleans here is being linked to by two of them– the number one and the number three. OK, so and link to mardigrasneworleans. So let’s click on this little plus here again and see where they link to. OK, they do link to the homepage. That’s good stuff.
Let’s quickly check out their website with a click and see. OK, well this is about Mardi Gras New Orleans. Who could guess that? And, hmm, I would suggest maybe giving them a call, trying for sponsorship. And you know, somebody probably has done that already, because we’ve got visit the sites below for more info on New Orleans. We’ve got experience New Orleans, we’ve got best New Orleans hotels, New Orleans restaurants, New Orleans weddings, parties, and there you go.
There’s nothing about flights in New Orleans there, so that could be one idea to suggest to these guys.
All right. That was a quick introduction. Assuming that you would get a link on Mardi Gras New Orleans, you would get an indirect link from farecompare and And in fact, I would guess from a lot more travel sites all over the world, which would be part of the Backlink Profiling Tool that you can start in here now from the URL action. But that’s part of a different video.
All right. I hope you enjoyed this video, and see you soon.Zusätzlich erhalten Sie jede erdenkliche Information über Ihre Ergebnisse wie den einmaligen CEMPER Juice™, die Anzahl an Backlinks von .edu Domains oder SEO Metriken von Partnern wie SEMRush, SEOmoz und Majestic.

Da wir ein Verfechter der Offenheit sind können Sie Ihre Reports jederzeit in das Format Ihrer Wahl exportieren. Ihre Ergebnisse werden sogar eine bestimmte Zeit nach Ablauf Ihres Abonnements gespeichert!

Wie funktioniert der LJT

Indirect linking

So funktioniert indirektes Verlinken

Diese Grafik gibt Ihnen einen guten Überblick über die Funktionen des LJT. Ihre Eingaben werden vom Link Juice Thief analysiert, dieser liefert Ihnen daraufhin neue Möglichkeiten für indirekte Links.

Visuelle Tour durch das LJT

Profitieren Sie von indirekten Links Ihrer Konkurrenz – so funktioniert es:

LJT start

Benutzen Sie Google um Ihre Konkurrenz für ein bestimmtes Keyword anzuzeigen

Sobald Sie LJT starten können Sie eine Liste an Konkurrenten eintragen oder diese durch Google generieren lassen. Die Option “URL-Liste hinzufügen” ermöglicht Ihnen mehre Konkurrenten gleichzeitig einzutragen.

LJT details

Gemeinsame Linkziele – Spalten

Die Detailtabelle ist wie gewohnt nach Ihren Bedürfnissen filterbar und zeigt somit nur die Daten an, die SIE gerne sehen möchten. Analysieren Sie einzelne URLs oder eine Vielzahl an Links – genau wie Sie es wollen!.


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